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This memorial website was created in the memory of Ryan Standridge.  Ryan was born July 07, 1985 and passed away on February 13, 2007 at the age of 21.  Ryan was more than most people could ever hope to be.  His biggest fault was that he didn't know how wonderful he was or how much he meant to all of us.  We will remember him forever.

This was written by Ryan’s father, but expresses how the entire family feels.

When Ryan was young we sometimes called him Niblet or RyeRye or Boy. Ninja turtles, Batman, Power Rangers and Karate were his passions.

As he grew older we called him Mr. Ryan, or the Ryan-meister. His sense of humor blossomed; he tried many things at school and in life. Soccer, baseball, plays at the school, and playing guitar were but a few of his interests. He loved MASH on TV, Star Trek, and family gatherings. He also really enjoyed his M&M’s and Diet Coke.

He called himself Minkis on line and always had a knack for working on computer software, since the first Commador 64 appeared.

Ryan always seemed to have some future Road trip planned that may or may not happen, but I’ve rarely seen him happier than during his times on vacation with family or on family holiday gatherings.

I mainly called him son, and loved spending time with him, playing golf, or just meeting for a quick lunch together was always something I looked forward to.

Ryan was called “Grandson” by our parents; “Brother” by Meghan, Mandy, Barney and Emma; “Nephew” by his uncles and aunts, and “Friend” by all who knew him.

In the future I’m sure we’ll still refer to Ryan by all these names, but somewhere in the conversation, the words “we lost him in February of 2007”, will always come up.

We will miss our Beloved son Ryan more than words can describe, but it is our prayer that with Gods help someday there will only be a happy place in our hearts and minds as we share our memories with each other.

Good Bye Niblet, RyeRye, Boy, Ryanmeister, Minkis, Brother, Grandson, nephew and Son. We all know you are at peace now with our Heavenly father. There’s lots of family there, so you won’t be alone. We will all see you on the other side, until then you’ll live here in each of our hearts.

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you will always live in this house   / Meghan (sister)
it's my house now.....but even so, i want to find one of dad's old briefcases and pack it full of books and tinfoil tainted pieces of fudge.  we will laugh all night long and swear we hear santa downstairs.  i'm sure heaven has piles of pre...  Continue >>
I'm sorry for all our losses.   / Mikey Neilson (Friend)
I only found out today (six months after the fact) that Ryan passed.  When I heard, it shook me, as I'm sure it did everyone else.  All I could think about was playing with Ghostbuster toys and pretending to be Star Trek characters when we ...  Continue >>
Know that your loved one has gone to be with the Lord in eternal blessing.   / Matthew Bunker (Friend)
My name is Matt, and although I did not know Ryan, I noticed this page. I cannot IMAGINE the pain of losing a loved one so wonderful as your son, brother, and friend. I am very sorry for your loss, especially at an age most close to my own. My friend...  Continue >>
We love you and miss you!   / Jessie And Andrew Carter (Friend)
I went to school with Ryan from middle school to high school. He pretty much lived at my husband's house, so we got to hang out allot and i'm thankful for everyday we saw him. Andy and I will miss him so much and we will never forget what a wonderful...  Continue >>
Saddened That hes gone.   / Beth Reed (Friend)
I knew Ryan in middle and highschool. We wern't close but I would call him a friend. I was on myspace when I read a comment that made me worry he was gone. When I googled him, I go this site. I'm shocked to hear that&nbs...  Continue >>
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